QISMUN 2020 Senior Leadership Team

Here at Qatar International School, the Model United Nations Club has been a part of a plethora of students’ lives. However, the club has always been restricted in the number of members it can accept. Thus, through the hard work of our MUN director and Senior Leadership Team, a vision for both a new MUN club and conference was conceptualized.  A conference which lifts the restriction on who “qualifies” to join. A conference which aims to give students the opportunity to understand different perspectives and the platform to voice their own. A conference which allows students to kick start their MUN journey at a younger age. Qatar International School has also held a conference in the past.  With this in mind, it seemed only fitting for the theme of the conference to be “Rising From Our Falls”, a message based on learning from past mistakes and striving to improve ourselves. Through the discussion of pressing topics, such as gender-based violence and poaching, or even revisiting the past in the historical committee, we hope to expose the youth to global issues and help foster critical and analytical skills, as well as aid in the development of confidence and public speaking skills.

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