Session 1

Ahmad Khan | Theory of Value

Have you ever wanted more Instagram followers? Have you ever been frustrated with your academic performance? Have you ever felt inspired by talking to your role models? The Theory of Value is a workshop that explores the theoretical value we place on individuals and objects. In turn, how this can dictate our life and thus our decisions. We may not even realise it but these factors contribute to our daily lives. In the workshop we will be exploring three different types of values: social- how your interactions can affect your emotions, why you value your reputation; numerical- who are you behind your grades, your salary and your age? And self- how much do you value yourself and how to start valuing yourself. We will be having discussions, activities and prizes so be sure to attend!

Fatimah Olukade | Conflict Resolution

Conflict presents both beauty and difficulty in every situation: it can act as the fuel for new scientific discoveries but also be the cause of divide amongst people leading to costly losses. For many of us though, conflict is presented in other ways: was it that project that didn’t go quite as planned, or the ‘not so funny’ comment that was shared? In the whirlwind of emotions which may consist of confusion, anger or feeling let down- you begin to question, doubt yourself and maybe even ask your peers and you come to the conclusion… that it’s just you, you need to get over it.

Not so fast.

Join us in this problem based workshop to develop, share and put those essential leadership skills into practice!

Yahya El-Khatib | Water Intoxication

Water; such a valuable component of our everyday lives that is absolutely essential in keeping us alive. Yet, could this very liquid that saves us be the cause of our own demise? Could one ever drink TOO MUCH water? Join me in my workshop as we navigate the fascinating issue of water intoxication and why it can go so far as to cause death with bizarre real-life cases that you’ll have to hear to believe. Let’s determine whether YOU are a culprit…of over-hydration.

Nada El-hassan | Art of Persuasion

Persuasion: a skill that has been a key aspect of society for millennia. It’s something that’s used in the workplace, in politics, amongst your friends, and sometimes even when trying to convince a young child to do their chores. It the strongest vessel (excluding physical force) for change in society.

There is a nuance and tact behind persuading people, and the theory behind rhetoric and debating has been studied since early human civilisation. In this workshop, participants will learn about how to construct and deliver effective arguments and scrutinise the arguments on others.

Ali Mousa | Art of Skepticism

Tell me, what do you know about the world around you?  In the age of information, we as a collective know more and more about the events that shake our planet. But how much of what we learn is actually true? From subtle biases in accademia to frankly unprofessional political fear mongering, we must take a stand for the truth, so that we may remain vigilant of the injustices that plague our world and stop those who twist the truth for their own sly and selfish gain! Lies shall not write history and shall no longer act as a tool to divide and conquer! Join me as we learn to acquire the tools of a skeptic.