Session 2

Reem Baghdady | Psychology

Have you ever wondered how people like Hitler can dominate an entire country? Or have you ever been in charge of people and thought you weren’t cut out for it? The Psychology of a Leader explores the many social and genetic factors that lead to one becoming a leader, but at the same time exploring the reasons why some people aren’t leaders nor become leaders. We’ll also be touching on how people like Stalin created a massive dent in human history with their leadership. The presentation also delves into deeper topics such as how leaders and non-leaders alike affect and control society in both positive and negative ways. The presentation will also include answering audience questions to the best of my abilities, as well as including audience participation.

Don’t be Nervous.

Bayo Pane | Memes and Society

In this workshop I will be explaining how memes are not just simply images and videos shown to friends for the purpose of humor but how they are now implemented into our daily dialect. We will also be discussing how memes are the most underrated weapon of persuasion. How were memes originated? What are the factors into making a prominent memes? How do memes impact our brains? What does a meme really mean? Who was the brilliant mind who introduced this artistic platform? Memes could be, just like photography or music, a form of people’s opinions and emotions on a fundamental level . With the drastic change of how we speak English throughout this past century, our society could literally speak through showing each other pictures and videos of memes and nearly everyone in the room would get the gist of it. This workshop will not only consist of me speaking in front of all of you but will possibly also include a bit of drama too. So if you don’t want to speak in a room of people, I would still recommend you to come to improve your confidence. The acting activity have split into a number of groups and communicating with each other using only memes.

Lubna Elalamy | Grades Don’t Define You

My workshop consists of statistics of how grades don’t actually define you. I will be encouraging students to not worry if they fail an exam because it won’t affect their future life. However, it is important to have a growth mindset towards a subject you are not comfortable with so that you can develop how your mind thinks because your mind is a muscle that needs to be trained. I will be explaining how people who get A’s and A*’s don’t always succeed in real life and people who get D’s and E’s may succeed and have a better life style and a better future than the ones who get A’s. It focuses on how one who succeeds in school could become lost in his future, while one who fails school could have a greater, successful life. I will give real life examples of people who were told that they will never achieve anything in life or people who were failures like example Thomas Edison. In conclusion I would like to be part of this platform to help the students and myself understand the future of our lives in a different, better way.

Minatullah Alani | Lie Like a Pro

My workshop will be about body language and human communication, about how we behave in certain situations and what our expressions or movements say about us. The reason I picked the title ‘how to lie like a pro’ is because when we lie our body language and tone changes and although not a lot of people notice, the signs that show someone is lying are really obvious. The way people cover their mouth or touch their nose, stand a certain way or change their breathing patterns. I just find the way our body acts to suppress certain emotions or fake and exaggerate our real emotions just really interesting and I think others would too. We all speak different languages but we tend to forget the most important one we all share, without body language communication would be so much less advanced and understanding one another much more difficult. Our body can tell others when we need help, without having to say so, When we are annoyed and want something to stop, as well as so much more. Studies have shown that in the process of communication, non-verbal expression has 65% to 93% more influence than actual text. Which means what we say has less impact than how we say it. We as people judge a lot based on body language and that is why it is really important, especially when making impressions. During my workshop, I will talk about how we can adjust or improve our body language to be more convincing when we speak, how to overall just have better communication skills and the body language of a liar.