QISMUN Conference Schedule – Day 1- Friday 19th March (External)
15.00- 16.00Opening Ceremony + Tutorial on conference platform
16.00- 16.30Ice-breakers + Position statements
16.30- 19.00Lobbying + Merging
19.00- 19.30Crisis Simulation relating to each committee’s issue
QISMUN Conference Schedule – Day 2- Saturday 20th March (External)
10.00- 12.30Committee Session 1
12.30- 14.00Lunch
14.00- 17.00Committee Session 2
17.00- 17.30Break
17.30- 18.15Committee Session 3
18.25- 19.00Closing Ceremony
Optional Incubator Session on Day 2
19.05- 20.30Potential team from NGOs in Qatar + QIS
 Outreach team giving advice to any delegates who have have outreach projects

1st General Assembly - Disarmament and International Security

  • The issue of Iran’s usage of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • The issue of reducing arms trafficking in LEDCs

2nd General Assembly - Economic and Financial

  • Methods to reduce the economic costs of natural disasters
  • The issue of hyperinflation in Lebanon

Security Council

  • The issue of the Tigray conflict between Sudan and Ethiopia
  • The issue of border disputes between China and India

1st Human Rights Commission

  • The issue of climate change in relation to gender inequality
  • The issue of mental health amongst Syrian refugees